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Top 10 Paint Companies in India

It is a reliable paint company that helps one come out with shades which can make any objects look simply stunning. When it comes to building and Wall painting, the house or office looks livelier only when it gets the touch of the right paint with the right colour. Objects too, become lifelike when a coat of any shade of paint.

India has earned a tremendous fame for manufacturing highly quality paints and in turn earned a great demand in the global paint and coatings market for the brand. It is basically available in pigmented liquid form which when applied develops into a solid film. Let us check top 10 paint companies in India which customers rely upon the most based on the quality-

Top 10 Paint Companies in India:

1- Asian Paints : – This paint brands were established way back in 1941and with its excellent quality paint have always managed to hold the top position so far. Its head office is in Mumbai and has 24 manufacturing outlets all over the world. The main success mantra of this company is top quality products and along with it the ability to connect with customers’ heart.

2- Berger Paint India Limited : – Having an experience of almost 80 plus years, this paint has definitely caught a strong grip of customers with its various paint products. It has its corporate office in Kolkata and has a good share in the paint industry.

3- Kansai Nerolac Paint Ltd : – This paint company is considered as the leader in paint industry. Its quality of paints can never be doubted and contains wide spectrum of product range. Although a Japan based company, it has its footprint in India and numerous developing countries in the world. Its head office in India is based in Mumbai

4- Jenson & Nicholson (I) Ltd : – This paint gained limelight by associating with numerous projects such as Common Wealth Games Village Delhi, Birla Mandir and few others to name. It has it’s headquarter based in Gurgaon.

5- Shalimar Paints : – This is another brand that has high repute and good share in the paint industry. It has 54 branches and numerous production units worldwide. It has gained repute for quality paints, aviations coatings, marine paints, coating on metal decorations etc. It has it’s headquarter based in Mumbai.

6- British Paints : – This paint has an excellent team of professionals who helps to manufacture products using innovative quality. Its head office is in Delhi and it has almost 60 years of experience so far.

7- Snowcem Paints : – Based in Mumbai, this paint company has earned name and fame withs its various products over the years. Some of the product range that it contains include textured paints, liquid paints, surface preparation products etc

8- Dulux Paints : – Based in Gurgaon, Dulux is a global paint manufacturing company having number of production units in Pan India. It is one of the leading producer of home paints and house painting for walls, wood and metal paints.

9- Sheenlac : – This paint company is based in Tamil Nadu and has earned accolades for projects like-Annai Venlankanni Church, besant nagar ST. George Church, Perumbur Votive Shrine Church, KilpauKST, Patrick’s Church and St. Thomas Mount. It is famous for offering auto finishes, decorative paints, wood finishes etc.

10- Nippon Paints : – Nippon paints is basically a Japan Based paint manufacturing company and established in the year 1881 and has round 130 years of industry experience. It believes in utilising innovative technology for quality and at the same time effective production.

Selecting any one from among these brands will never receive a double thought regarding its quality and proves absolutely satisfactory based on its price.

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