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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India that targets happy and healthy life : – With diseases increases day by day in the present world, it is the pharmaceutical companies across the world come up with aid to combat diseases. Any pharmaceutical company does not merely combine chemicals to produce different pills but they research upon environment and human health. After considering such reports of the research, these companies come up with effective medicines.

The Pharmaceutical Company analyzes the root of any disease and thereafter correlates it with the surroundings and change of whether conditions too. Given below are top 10 pharmaceutical companies in India that produces life science based products and vaccines.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in India:

1- Ranbaxy : – This company was established in the year 1961 and is a proud partner of Daiichi Sankyo Group. It has a global existence by spreading in more than 150 countries and is one of the most reputed multinational pharmaceutical companies. This company supplies generic, API, ARV, intermediates, OTP products and branded generic.

2- Dr Reddys Laboratories limited : – This company was established in the year 1984 primarily as an API based company and with its quality products supplies has gained the leading position always. It mainly manufactures three major products, namely ingredient, generic and proprietary products.

3- Lupin : – This company is among the top 14 best companies in the global market. It holds is highly strong in the area of manufacturing tuberculosis drugs. Besides this, the company is the largest producers of generic, branded formulations and API. In India, it is among the top 5 pharmaceutical companies.

4- Cadila Healthcare Ltd : – This company is among the top 5 companies in India and earned good reputed for itself since its inception in the year 1952. It has gained excellence in manufacturing gastrointestinal women’s healthcare variety and cardiovascular.

5- Glaxo SmithKline : – This company is mainly based in London and has earned good name in other parts of the world. Since its establishment in the year 1924, it has been manufacturing medicines and vaccines. In India, it’s headquarter is situated in Mumbai.

6- Wockhardt : – This company is not only involved in the area of Pharmaceutical only but concentrates in biotechnology and hospitals. It is headquartered in Mumbai and because of its multiple functions and good performance too, it has managed a very good position in all the areas it puts focus on.

7- Sun Pharmaceutical : – It was in the year 1983 that Mr. Dilip Shanghavi in Kolkata who came up with this idea of coming up with such a company. Its core competence and market is over manufacturing API and formulation. It is a purely Indian based company that has its corporate office situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

8- Abbot India Ltd : – This company has its corporate office in Mumbai in India and is a flagship company of Abbott Laboratories. The company has a strong presence in therapeutic, gastroenterology, diabetes and women health area.

9- Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd : – This company is basically a public listed pharmaceutical company spreading its product in more than 50 countries across the globe. Almost 1000 life science based products are manufactured by the company. Originally based in Ahmadabad, this company is a segment of the famous Torrent group and is renamed after Trinity laboratories.

10- Aurobindo Pharma Ltd : – This pharmaceutical company has a wide range of manufacturing facilities and when it is numbered it is not less than 15. It is considered as highly reliable pharmaceutical companies that manufacture drugs and life science based products. This company is a formulation and API company that brought forward new dimensions in the area of life science related products.

Hence, product and medicines manufactured by any of the company mentioned above is indeed an important life saving source for human life to stay fit and fine combating from disease.

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