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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I ordered twise today first BIL/000597373881/Cloths/AMAZON_MICI3367 amount 3784.30
    second BIL/000597448303/Cloths 2/AMAZON_MICI3367 amount 2177.00
    but i recevd msg that you did’t receive first payment and make payment again when i open net banking bill was there and i paid again but know when i checked by account statement payment dedudt twice for first bill, so pls return my amount for first bill .

    Binu Gupta

  2. Subject: Subject: order no#402-8049114-4783528 we missed you tag received
    Message: order no-#402-8049114-4783528 my order placed on wednesday. we were out of town. received your \\\”We missed you\\\” tag. my cell no is 91 999***** how can we receievd our package. we required your contact info so that you can reach us.

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