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Top 10 Agriculture companies in India

India is primarily an agricultural country and is known for its varied produce. There are many companies that have taken advantage and promoting agriculture throughout the country. The top ten agriculture companies of India are as follows:

Top 10 Agriculture companies in India:

1. DuPont India occupies the top slot and was set up in the year 1802, having experience of over 200 years. This company has a presence in more than 90 countries and boasts of having big manufacturing units which manufacture products such as insecticide, seeds and pesticides. It has is head office located in Gurgaon.
2. Nuziveedu Seed Ltd.: This Company occupies the second slot and was set up in the year 1973. It is counted among the best agriculture companies in the country and is a part of the NLS million dollar group, having its head office in Hyderabad. It is the largest producer of Vegetable, mustard and Cotton BT seeds.
3. Rallies India Ltd.: It is the third in this list and was set up in 1815, having its head office in Bangalore. This company is known to have a mammoth development and research team which works towards innovating the best practices to manufacture chemical products, fertilizers and pesticides.
4. Advanta Limited: This company was set up in 1994. It boasts of having core experience in the Indian agriculture industry and listed with both NSE and BSE, growingly steadily. It has its head office in Hyderabad and offices in six continents.
5. Lemken India Agro Equipments Pvt. Ltd.: It is regarded to be a fast growing manufacturing company in agriculture products and has presence in over 47 countries. It enjoys turnover of about 266 million Euros. It is regarded to be LEMKEN GmbH’s child company and was set up in 2010. Within a period of 4 years, it has achieved unbelievable success. It has its headquarters in Nagpur.
6. Monsanto India: It was set up in the year 1901 and is a part of ‘Monsanto’, a well known agriculture manufacturing organization. It recently ranked in the 10th position by Forbes among the top ten innovative companies. Even in the year 2009, this company had enjoyed getting maximum votes, to win ‘Co. of the year’. It has its headquarters in Mumbai.
7. National Agro Industries: This Company was set up in the year 1970 and it is in Ludhiana, Punjab that it has its manufacturing unit. It has a huge product portfolio which includes seed-cum fertilizer drill, maize sheller, zero-till happy seeder, fertilizer spreader, etc.
8. Poabs Organic Estates: This Company was set up in the year 1889 and is presently counted among prominent players in the agriculture industry. This is a Kerala based organization, capturing most sections related to agro products such as Coffee, tea, black pepper, etc.
9. Godrej Agrovet Ltd.: This Company has been established in the year 1990 and presently has more than twenty years of experience in the Agriculture industry. This company does have qualified professionals and a talented team using innovating technology, while maintaining very high quality in the manufacturing procedure. It has its headquarters in Mumbai.
10. Rasi Seeds: The tenth position of this list is occupied by Rasi Seeds that was set up in the year 1973. It is considered to be an organization based in Tamil Nadu and having more than six hundred trusted, well trained and qualified employees, who enthusiastically manufacture agro products of very high quality. Over a period of time, this organization boasts of having won several prestigious awards, while receiving reorganization from the Indian government for rendering incredible work. This company has its base in Salem District of Tamilnadu.

Understanding the top ten agricultural companies in India can help the person to know their contribution towards the society as a whole, when it comes to providing high quality agro products.

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