TOP 10 NGO List in India

TOP 10 NGO in India Who Ignite Spirit Among the Needy! : - In India at present, there are innumerable Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) workings in favour of various kinds of causes. But when it comes to devoting full attention towards the cause, how many of them stand firm to their conviction? Let us see the Top 10 NGO organisation in India who word needlessly for any kind of cause.

1- Sammaan Foundation : - These organisations have been working for the cause of empowering the downtrodden and helping to link them by means of education, training and financial support. Currently the organisation is focussing on making rickshaw –pulling class with the rightful facilities that would help them earn their living. Some of the areas that this foundation looks after pertain to women empowerment, health services, employment generation, micro credit and children’s education.

2- Goonj : - This organisation is working on a mission that focuses on resolving the clothing problem of underprivileged. Some of the well-known initiatives carried out by this organisation include Vastra Samman, Rahat Floods, Rahat Winters and Not just a piece of cloth. All these initiatives were executed with utmost sincerity and this why it attained success.

3- Akshaya Trust : - This trust have been working for the helpless, forsaken, mentally ill, old, sick and the destitute of roadside residing in Madurai. They help the downtrodden with love and affection, healthy food and rehabilitation opportunities with an aim to restore human dignity at any cost.

4- Smile Foundation : - This foundation works for providing universal education and healthcare services to the underprivileged and changing their lives forever. Their main aim is to work for nation building and to make the downtrodden come up as productive assets.

5- Udaan Welfare Foundation : - This foundation aims to empower the lives of the downtrodden. Their focus is on children, senior citizen, environment protection and destitute women. Most of the projects they launched so far are based on health and education initiatives that involve children and destitute women. Cancer chemotherapy centre is another main project of theirs.

6- Pratham : - One of the largest NGO that works for educating the underprivileged children of Mumbai slum.They have members comprising to different field, having an experience in diverse area. They help enrol children in schools and increase learning levels among thiose who stay devoid of quality education

7- Lepra Society : - This actively promotes superior health care facilities through various initiatives. It aims to support health programmes in the prevention and control of AIDS, Leprosy and Tuberculosis.

8- Deepalaya : - A development based NGO that works for issues pertaining the poor and the downtrodden especially children. This agency works in collaboration with both governmental and non governmental agencies to make interventions in the State’s policy making. They target education, healthcare, gender equality, vocational training etc to uplift differently -able section of the society

9- Uday Foundation : - This foundation works for providing support to families of children suffering from critical disorders, congenital defects and other diseases and syndromes affecting health, growth and education of such children. They work for child rights that focus on right to live with dignity.

10- Help Age India : - They work towards for the cause of senior citizens of our country. The prime objective that this foundation targets, is to make senior citizens well aware about their rights. Hence we see how the efforts of all these organisation is helping to maintain the well being of society thinking to grab no profit in terms of monetary aspect. All these NGO organizations have an active and worthy pace for individuals who really want immense care and help.

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