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Top 10 Courier Companies in India

Select Any Of These Top 10 Courier Companies in India! : – Just as travelling far off places is no more a huge challenge these days similarly parcelling goods or papers is also the same. Gone are the days when one would wait months to receive anything that they sent through courier. At present courier companies are many and one do not just have to rely upon only Government Courier agencies for couriers. Efficient delivery is the main feature of all courier companies along with it, affordable price charged for the service.

Given below are top 10 courier companies in India which are giant establishments and cater shipping, logistic, transportation, distribution and courier services throughout the year

Top 10 Courier Companies in India:

1- Indian Postal Service : – This is a government agency and was established way back in 1774. All through its existence it has tried to help people in whatever way it can. Ever since its existence, it has been the leading postal organisation that has around 1.5 lakhs post offices spread across our country. People’s immense trust upon this agency is because of the fact that it always performed up to the mark in time bound delivery of goods and other things.

2- DHL Express India Pvt Ltd : – It is basically a Global company that has around its office in around 200 countries worldwide. This courier and logistics solutions came up in the year 1969 and is a part of giant postal service group, Duetsche post DHL and three commercial divisions that includes the DHL express too.

3- Blue dart Express Limited : – This company is highly popular and is functional in around 220 countries and territories all across the world. Its global brand is known as DHL and is an ISO 9001-2008 distribution company and is successfully partnering with numerous corporate and eCommerce portals. This company is a subsidiary of DHL a well known brand.

4- First Flight Courier limited : – It has performed very well in the league of domestic courier distribution. This company not just serves in the global terrain only but has around 1200 domestic offices too. This Indian courier company came into existence in the year 1986.

5- FexEx India : – This company is a global leader in terms of express delivery and distribution service. Its office is mainly based in Dallas, USA and has its distribution offices in 220 countries and territories in the world.

6- DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited : – This company is a public limited company and runs its wing not just in India only but worldwide too. It has been holding a reasonable share in the market of Courier business in India.

7- TNT Express : – This company is based in Netherlands mainly but also operates in more than 190 countries. The prime focus of this company is to provide product service that includes express delivery solution and charter delivery.

8- Gati Limited : – The company came into existence in the year 1989 and till then have performed very well. It is a leading name in providing class services with an expertise in express delivery and also in supply chain solution. It has a very strong grip in South Asia and Asia Pacific region for being as its market presence is very good.

9- Overnite Express Limited : – The company was established in the year 1987 and is now considered to be among the malor players in the courier service in India. Itis serving in more than 2800 locations in the country and is covering around 1000 locations worldwide.

10- The Professional Courier Network Limited : – This company has around 20 regional offices and about 20 thousand service locations in India. Its headquarters is situated in New Delhi and is operating in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Therefore, all that one needs to do, in order to parcel things from one area to the other is connect with anyone of these reputed and reliable courier company.

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