Everyone would like to be connected with his/her beloved ones, friends, colleagues and relatives at any point of time and every time. These days, the advent of smartphones and iphones has made it possible for people to be connected with one another easily and without any additional expense to be made. The TOP 10 CHAT APPS FOR ANDROID is quite useful in this regard.

Top 10 Chat Apps for Android :

  1. Whats App: It was the veterans of Yahoo, who have founded it in 2009. Besides instant messaging and normal chat, people can exchange pictures, music, videos along with other media messages through mobile internet or simply by connecting to Wi-Fi. It is available on almost every platform imaginable and free of advertisements.
  2. Viber: It is created by Viber Media and a VOIP and proprietary cross-platform messaging that has been designed for Windows, Android, Blackberry, iOS, BADA, Symbian, Mac, etc. It helps to sync the contacts from smartphone device to allow users to chat via desktop. There are over 200 million users across the globe and works on both 3G and WiFi.
  3. Line: It is available for Windows iOS and Android phones, as well as desktops. Presently,, there are about 150 million users using it. The app allows exchange of pictures, crystal clear voice over internet, texting for free in more than 230 countries. It has better outreach since exchanging messages is done with colorful font having option to use stickers and emoji.
  4. Skype: Skype supports several platforms like personal computers, iOS and Android and users can make instant messages and voice calls through it. Microsoft operates this network and features video conferencing and file sharing. Over WiFi and 3G, Skype to Skype phone calls are free and calling mobile phone and landline is charged through debit based system.
  5. eBuddy Messenger: It is a product of eBuddy, which includes eBuddy XMS, eBuddy chat, providing instant messaging solutions exclusively for web and mobile devices. Also it supports Yahoo! Messenger, WLM, Facebook, Gtalk, AIM etc.
  6. Go SMS Pro: It offers theme DIY, cloud backup, SMS blocker, private lock, Go-Chat Free message and is an user welcomed app. There are also other features like quick reply and view, themes, voice talk, graffiti, group talk, file sharing, etc.
  7. WeChat: It was designed in China to support platforms like Windows phone, Symbian, iOS, Android with multi-language facilities and requiring any network of WiFi, 4G, 3G, 2G. It offers features like broadcast messaging, location sharing, photo video and is much reliable.
  8. Nimbuz Messenger: Free calls and messages can be made via this messenger. It features unlimited message exchanging, file sharing among different platforms, voice calling, etc. User can use customized wallpapers, chat history and landscape mode.
  9. Imo messenger: It is a multi-protocol IM having plenty to offer like better messaging experience, free voice calls, etc. The user can chat within friend circle using picture share and group chat, have the app turned to walkie talkie taking support of Facebook Chat, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, ,AIM, ,etc.
  10. Hike: Free and fun messaging for life is provided by this wonderful app. User can text people both to people using hike or not. It is free and makes use of 2G or 3G. Moreover, it tends to offer mood updates and status to be shared among friend circle, thereby providing privacy.

These are the TOP 10 CHAT APPS FOR ANDROID that one can consider to make use of. Using any of the top chat apps created for the Android phone is likely to help the person to enjoy connecting to others and sharing different types of things as and when required.

Top 10 Chat Apps for Android

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