Top 10 Laptop companies In India that consumers buy without hesitation! : – Laptops are an essential possession of any of every household at present time. It is no more considered as a luxury but is a necessity now. While choosing a Laptop every consumer takes the performance and reputation of the company into consideration. Hardly people take risks with very new brands for a decent amount of money is involved in it.

Competition has become quite neck to neck in the present time, and it is very difficult to insist people to buy a particular company for it is the only best selling product. Consumers have a wide range of products before them and based on the feature of the computer within a certain price range is the look out of most while selecting a brand. Mentioned below are top 10 most selling laptops in India that consumers select the most.

Top 10 Laptop Companies In India:

1- Dell : – Dell is an American multinational company that stands in the top list among the most selling brand in India. It was found in the year 1984 and till now is one of the most used and heard off name in the field of computers. Its descent systems start off with price range like 23000 and based on the number of specification that a particular series of laptop from this brand one selects the price varies.

2- HP : – It is one of the most emerging markets in India and manufactures various kinds of system from touch screen smart laptops to the keyboard based laptops.  In Indian market till date, it is only the HP Laptop that offers touch screen smart laptops at 30000 onwards. Its normal laptops starts from 22,000 and what is good about this brand is its durability and putting of maximum features within a decent price range.

3- Acer : – Acer brand is been manufactured in Taiwan, China and came into existence in the year 1976. Till than it is one of the leading producer of various range of Laptops. One of the hot selling laptop of this brand is the Acer r7 series which has a unique design to rotate screen in 360 degrees. Its normal laptop price starts at 18000.

4- Lenovo : – Lenovo is another leading name in India for laptops because of its high performing laptops. It is again a multinational company from china that came into existence in the year 1984. Its basic laptops starts from the price range 20000.

5-  Sony : – Sony is a leading name in most of the technologies and laptops being no uncommon. This brand is known for its high quality production and is multinational company from Japan. Its decent laptop price range starts from 25000.

6- Samsung : – Samsung is a multinational company belonging to South Korea and came into existence in the year 1938. Its basic laptop starts at 20000 onwards. All its series try and input special kind of features in them to give customers comfort.

7- Toshiba : – This is another multinational company from Japan and is founded in the year 1939. This laptop starts at 19000 onwards and is well known for its excellent processor.

8- Asus : – It is a Taiwanese multinational company that was established in the year 1989. Its slim laptops at present are a craze among youths. It decent laptops starts at 18000.

9- Fujitsu : – This laptop is again a multinational company from Japan and was founded in the year 1935. Its decent laptops start at 27,800.

10- Wipro : – It is an Indian based multinational company that was founded in the year 1945. Features and quality is no question with this brand and its decent laptops starts at 19,000.

Thus any consumer who thinks to buy a laptop in India are a brand conscious people selecting the mentioned name only.

Top 10 Laptop companies In India