Social Media and Bookmarking sites are very important from view point of SEO. There is a huge volume of tags, back-links, which can drive good traffic to the website. The famous 10 social brand are as below:

Top 10 Social Media Websites:

1 Facebook: The name of this social site is enough to make people understand what social site and book marking is. There are more than 750 million people who are associated with this social site by one way or another. To be an account holder one has to create own account and then can share photos, videos, songs and much more on this social platform. It is also considered as the largest social bookmarking site of the world. One can also share pages, links and write on others timelines on this social site.

2. Twitter: It is another name of social bookmarking site which is commonly used for providing a message to the followers. Many celebrities and famous people use this medium to update their status to their followers. With a number of more than 300 million members, this site is considered as second largest social website. On this site one can only put a message which is known as tweet and cannot share links or photos etc.

3. Google Plus: This site is owned by the internet giant Google which is a big name in the world of technology. One can join different groups, create groups, share pictures, go for video conferencing etc. It has more than 150 million accounts which shows its popularity among social site lovers.

4. Pinterest: It is a very interesting social site which is much different than other sites. It has many boards and categories which can easily help one to go for a specific platform. The pin here works as a backlink only. With more than 250 million accounts, it is a very good social platform for those who want to work on a specific subject.

5. Tumblr: It is considered as a micro-blogging platform where one can put blogs in own words. It is also a famous social site and especially among bloggers. It also allows to share multimedia messages and clips to its members.

6. Reddit: It is also a big name in the world of social sites. It is very famous for its strict policies and implementation which is in fact for the members only. One can share two to three links per day. In case of sharing more links one can have a notice and then the account can be terminated or junked.

7. StumbleUpon: It is like a search engine only which can provide information about various blogs, photos, websites and videos. It is also a famous bookmarking site which one can join easily and share his feelings on the screen.

8. Digg: This social site is considered more as a site for news articles and bloggings. It also facilitates sharing of videos, pictures, articles and links. With more than 70 million members, this site is becoming popular in a number of countries these days.

9. Folkd: This is a different social site than others. It is a premium site as the members have to pay 1$ per month to this platform. Other members can visit the account holder’s site and check with reference to links shared by the holders. It is having more than 3.5 million account holders these days.

10. Delicious: This is a same social platform as others. One can share articles, pictures, videos and links on this site. With more than 2 million members it is holding good rank on search engine.

To be socialize it is always good to join such a social site. There are many benefits of joining it hence one can move as per own choice.

Top 10 Social Media and Social Bookmarking Sites