Top 10 Best Mixer Grinder Brands in India

Of all the devices that the modern style life uses on day-today basis, mixer grinder holds a special reference. As the name do suggest, these devices grinds and mixes a solid material into powder state. These devices in the domestic front had found a great utility as it saves time that would be needed if opted for the manual grinding operations. This power- operated device comes of great use in instances like one has to grind the spices or he is desirous to relish with a glass of fresh fruit juice.
Grinders and the popularity in India
The popularity of grinder in relevant in global perspective and the people of India are not trailing behind in terms of its uses. Therefore, the Indian market has on offering varied brands of mixer grinders that had eased up the kitchen works to great extent. This article shall discuss on some of the most popular brands of mixer grinders available in the Indian market.
Top 10 brands of mixer grinders available in the Indian market:
1. Panasonic MX AC 400 Mixer Grinder : - One of the most sought after brand in India and the rest of the world, this model features with 4 jars. The device runs with a power requirement of 550w.
2. Preethi Platinum – MG 139 Mixer Grinder : - This brand is known for its high-torque operation that gives better grinding. The best feature is that it makes the last of operating noises.
3. Philips HL1643/06 Mixer Grinder : - This 5 jar grinder functions for wet grinding and blending. It runs with a power input requirement of around 600w. It features automated power shut off arrangement to safeguard the device against overloading.
4. Bajaj GX 7 Mixer Grinder : - This brand comes from an indigenous company who had been serving the domestic and foreign markets with great reputation for long span of years. This 3 jar grinder performs functions like grinding, mixing and mincing. The power input requirement is around 500 w.
5. Crompton Greaves CG-EX Mixer Grinder : - This brand is owned by such a company who had been a pioneer in the consumer durables market in India for years. This 3 jar device performs grinding and mixing functions with a power requirement of 500w.
6. Prestige Table top Wet grinders : - This 2 stone wet grinder from prestige is one of the most popular brands in the Indian market in the medium price segment.
7. Crompton Greaves CG DW 2 Litres Table Top Wet Grinder : - For the folks who are interested upon the combination of great utility with the best of décor, nothing can be more appealing that this brand.
8. Butterfly Smart 2 Litres Table Top Wet Grinder : - This brand comprises of the most aesthetically-designed device that can meet the kitchen needs with great utility and performance.
9. Philips HL7715 Juicer Mixer Grinder : - This 3 jar mixer-grinder from the global giant is one o the most sought-after brands in the Indian market as it fetches superior class for the competitive prices.
10. Bajaj GX73 : -  Yet a master piece from an indigenous leader in the market, this 3 jar mixer runs with a power requirement of 500w.

The article has well – explained about the different brands of mixer grinder brands that are available in India. One can go through its specifications and select the finest as per their requirement. The discussion made above account for the availability of the wide verities of mixer grinders in the Indian market that had been minimizing the kitchen-hours immensely. This is the sole reason many women prefer best quality mixer grinder.

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