Online shopping websites have emerged as the new way of commerce in India. This is because online shopping has many advantages as compared to conventional shopping. So let’s review some of the most popular online websites of India.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites of India:

1. At an overall score of 4.75, this is no doubt the world’s leading retailer in mobile commerce and e-commerce. Recently it has started operation and gained enormous importance in India. Now Indians can buy all sorts of things from this website. Most popular items which are sold everyday include books’ CDs, electronics as well as household items. All products are sold at cheaper rates as compared to conventional stores. For a limited period of time, they also offer free shipping and delivery.

2. At a score of 4.78, this company has gained tremendous popularity in India and runs a close second to It was founded in 2004 but now after ten years, it has grossed a net value of worth sixty thousand crores. Once can avail all sorts of items from this shopping website. Popular choices include books, mobile phones, laptops, cameras, gadgets as well as household items or electronics such as refrigerator, washing machine and television sets. This website is absolutely trustworthy and delivery is quick. Flipkart has emerged as the largest seller of online products in India.

3. At a score of 5, snapdeal provides all kinds of items of daily us as well as luxury products. Also they offer some discount deals on local restaurants, spas and travel packages. The prices offered are very cheap as the shipping is free of charge and quick. Also the warranty is very reliable and once can order all sorts of products from this website without exercising any discretion or caution. Moreover this website leases out coupons for avid shoppers, which makes the experience of shopping even more fruitful.

4. At a score of 5.1, this shopping website is halfway on the list of top ten online shopping websites of India. First started as a mobile recharge and online bill payment website, Paytm has emerged as a full-blown shopping website, selling everything ranging from home decor and electronics to mobile accessories, gadgets and books, and all of them at a killer price too. Its credit lies in the fact that this company has grown very fast and is gaining increasingly popularity with time.

5. After ruling the roost of online shopping websites for almost a year or two, has slid down to number five on the list of top online websites of India. This is essentially the Indian version of the famous online shopping portal known as The latter was considered as the world’s online market seller. At the moment, has a passionate community of individuals from all over the world. This website offers both fresh and used items with a very wide network of global shipping. Moreover all kinds of items can be sold at at a decent return value or exchange offer. The business is small yet very intense. No wonder has managed to create quite a place of its own in the world of e-commerce.

6. This online lifestyle store offers killer discount deals on several products, pertaining to apparel as well as home care.

7. At a score of 5.16, is a pioneer website dealing with lifestyle, home care and fashion products. Delivery is quick and discount deals are attractive.

8. This website offers jaw-dropping discount offers on cosmetics, gift items, gadgets and accessories.

9. It is a leading Indian shopping website that specializes in lifestyle products, like furniture, cosmetics, home decor, jewellery, perfumes as well as clothing.

10. It is a venture of the Network18 group. One can find all sorts of items here at attractive cheap rates.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites of India

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