Online gaming is the next level of computer based games where people in different geographies can play with each other. Online games are becoming very popular these days. Also known as virtual gaming, these games are fun to play, offer rewards sometimes to winners and are a sort of an addiction because they offer challenges to the players. This article talks about the Top 10 Free Online Gaming Sites in India and what can one expect on visiting them.

1. : – This is the most popular name in online gaming in India. There are various kinds of games on this website from different genres and there are various deals that one can get for playing these multi player games. The collection of games is also unique.

2. : – The gamesguru portal is the coolest portal for youngsters since it never lets its users get bored. New games are updated on the website every few days and the game collection is one of the largest in the world.

3. Sify games :- This is one of the oldest online gaming portals in India. It is also one of the most visited websites overall. It has a lot of games like Lifeguard, Pearl Harbour etc. and is known for the popular games like mission impossible and Spiderman.

4. : – The website is actually not a dedicated online game portal but offers a lot of other content for the users – including funny videos, articles, jokes, sms etc. But the games on this website too are very popular and attract a lot of visitors.

5. Indiatimes games : – Indiatimes portal started a long time ago as a complete entertainment portal. It has news, media content (like music and videos) and also games. The games might not be as hi-tech as the other portals but it still features in the top 10 online gaming sites in India.

6. : – This portal offers a large variety of games right from brain teasers and puzzles like Sudoku to multi player online games including card games and arcade games.

7. : –There are various categories of games here, including games inspired by Bollywood and also cricket. There are games from different genres like action and sports, and also logic building games.

8. : – As the name suggests most of the games on this website are car racing or bike racing games. The innovation is still there in terms of the layouts, the points and the challenges. The games like NFS, Midtown Madness can also be played online.

9. : – A lot of popular games are present on this website. It also includes multiplayer games like Lego Adventure, Casper, The Doors etc. Not only this website also provides more games for downloading if the user does not want to play online. In a lot of cases downloads are also free.

10. games : – This is another portal that is similar to indiatimes – a complete entertainment portal with media (like videos and music), photos and news, and of course games. This website has a good collection of all sorts of arcade games.

The best part about these games is that they can be accessed anywhere and can therefore be a source of entertainment on the go. Also they can engage multiple people in the games and help people make new friends online.

Top 10 online Gaming Sites