Refrigeration is the technique of preserving a perishable substance for a longer span of time in its perfect state in a cooler environment. This technique had revolutionized the life of man since its invention and in its present standing refrigerators is one of the most widely used electrical gadgets. Both the commercial as well as the domestic forte had been benefited of this technology greatly. Coming to the home front, this device had enabled the homemakers to stock foods and raw materials with great convenience. These days, foods can even be cooked once in a week and can be relished throughout the week that had been possible only for the presence of this device.

Refrigerator brands and the rising competition With so many refrigerator brands in India, one has to do a thorough research to select the finest brand. Some of the top leading giants including Samsung, LG, whirpool, IFB etc. have taken over the Indian market. Today you cannot find any household without a refrigerator. Hence it is vital to carefully select the refrigerator seeing all the features, budget and any other necessary aspect.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India :

In the Indian perspectives, the market on consumer durables product is dominated by refrigerators upon others of its counterparts. This article shall discuss few of the top refrigerators brands available in the Indian market.
A review on the top 10 leading refrigerator brands in India:
1. Samsung RT33FAJFABX: This double door refrigerator from Samsung consists of 321 kgs of storage capacity. This is a frost-free device that operates with very little of power consumption.
2. Whirlpool Neo IC255 TCGB4 Blueberry: A perfect choice for those who desires to get the best of features wrapped in a great look. This device has a capacity of 242 liters of accommodation and comes in double door style. This is a frost-free device.
3. Kelvinator KSL205STKO: This single door refrigerator, coming with an accommodation capacity of 190 liters is one of the highest selling brands in the Indian market.
4. Videocon VKE204: If great features are necessarily needed to come with great looks, this brand stands unmatched.
5. LG GL-205XFDG5: This single door device accommodates a maximum load of 190 liters and runs on very little of power consumption.
6. Godrej Eon: This 2 door device can accommodate load as higher as 343 liters. The look is simply stunning and the features are as delightful as its exceptional quality.
7. IFB 446EDWDLS: One of the most popular model in the Indian market this double door device has a storage capacity of 446 liters. It provides a special box in which the most favorite of the stuffs can be stored in complete separation with the other parts of the device.
8. Philips: The refrigerators from this global giant come across various stretches of accommodation capacity and deigns. This brand had been satisfying Indian customers for long with exceptional quality products that comes with the longest of the life span.
9. Electrolux: This brand is owned by a company which is in operations since 1918. This brand of refrigerators is one of the most popular types in the Indian market.
10. Whirlpool 230 I-Magic 5G: These single door refrigerators can accommodate capacity of 215 liters and runs on very little power consumption.

It is getting to see from the discussion made above that the Indian market is substantially rich in the demands for the refrigerators and the available options. The price varies from budget to premier grades as per the available features in the device and the technological advancements that had been incorporated in the devices.

Top 10 Best Refrigerator Brands in India