Top 10 Most Populated Cities In India

India is the second largest populated country across the globe. The increasing population has been a serious concern for the society since long. There are many cities, which were not having much population before a few years, but the scenario of these cities are changed now. There is almost one city in every state, which has more than five million population living in the city boundary. The government is trying hard to aware people about this issue and hence, the growth rate is at least stabilized now. Here is brief information about a Top 10 Most Populated Cities In India, which are considered as Top 10 Best Cities of India.

Top 10 Most Populated Cities In India :

  1. Mumbai: With the leading population of 1.84 crore people in the city, this city is considered as the most populated city across India. The city of Mumbai is also the finance capital of India and the state capital of Maharashtra state. The city is also famous for a number of businesses and companies.
  2. Delhi: With the population of 1.10 crore the National capital of India is on the second number of most populated city in India. It also enjoys the designation of a state and has a strong historic as well as political background. The Delhi is also divided into two parts as New Delhi and Old Delhi.
  3. Bengaluru: The Karnataka state Capital, Bengaluru is on the third rank in the Top 10 Most Populated Cities in India. The city has population of almost 85 lakhs. It is also considered as a most educated city.
  4. Hyderabad: The city of Nizam and state capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is on the fourth rank in this list with its population of 69 lakhs. The city has recorded the fastest growth and hence, got the same in the list. This city is also known as IT hub of India.
  5. Ahmedabad: The finance capital of the state of Gujarat and one of the historic cities of India, Ahmedabad has got the fifth rank with its population of 56 lakhs. It is also known as the fastest developing city of India.
  6. Chennai: The State capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai has also got it on the sixth rank with population of 47 lakhs. The city is also famous for South Indian Movie Industry and a leading name in many industries also.
  7. Kolkata: The city of literature lovers, Kolkata has got the seventh rank in the list of top 10 most populated cities in India with its population of 46 lakhs. This city is also the capital of the State of West Bengal.
  8. Surat: The diamond city of Gujarat, Surat is on the eighth rank with its population of 45 lakhs. The city is also known for many other industries such as clothes and looms.
  9. Pune: The beautiful city Pune, from the state of Maharashtra has got the ninth rank in this list with population of 31 lakhs. It has recently drawn attention of many investors due to its infrastructural development.
  10. Jaipur: The pink city and state capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur has also got on the list as one of the most populated city. It has got the tenth rank with its population of 30 lakhs. It is also famous for its historic background and there are many palaces and hotels in the city.

The cities with high population also face a lot of problems. There are many cities with huge population however here is a brief information about top 10 cities of India.

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