Advancement of science and technology has helped manufacturers to come out with gadgets, devices and equipments, which can help to enhance the level of comfort and convenience of the modern man. One such product is the air conditioner that comes in different varieties like window, split, ducted and cassette styles, which are sensitive, energy saving and also cost effective.

Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in India :

  1. LG: This brand belongs to LG Electronics Inc, a South Korean electronics company and the leading air conditioner manufacturer and the member of LG Group, set up in 1958. This company manufactures, air conditioners having advanced features such as monsoon comfort, Himalaya cool, dual protection filter, micro protection filter, etc. It is renowned for manufacturing advanced, energy efficient products.
  2. Samsung: It is a well known brand and is a South Korean conglomerate that manufactures air conditioners in huge variety having quality features. These ac’s have special features in them such as long air throw, digital inverter technology, multi jet technology, anti-bacteria filter and easy clean filter.
  3. Hitachi: It is a popular Japanese conglomerate company, which manufactures huge range of air conditioners that are energy efficient and eco friendly. Some features that are offered in the air conditioners are supercool function, tropical inverter technology, asymmetric louver, defrosting sensor, wireless LCD remocon, etc. It was Namihei Odaira, who established this company in 1910.
  4. Carrier: Carrier Corpn. is an American company that is involved in distribution and manufacturing of commercial refrigeration equipments and air conditioners. Some of the popular features of their air conditioners include independent dehumidification, turbo mode, leakage detection and cold catalyst filter.
  5. Voltas: It is a TATA enterprise, an Indian engineering, refrigeration and air conditioning company offering very high quality deep freezers, air conditioners, chest coolers, water coolers, water dispensers and visi coolers. The air conditioners have features such as dual temperature display, fungusproof, auto restart, turbo swing, etc.
  6. Daikin: It is a Japanese air conditioner manufacturer in the name of Daikin Industries Ltd., with headquarters in Osaka. Some features include comfort control, humidity control, mildew protection and comfortable airflow.
  7. 4Videocon: It is a huge diversified Indian company known by the name of Videocon Industries Limited popular for manufacturing home appliances and consumer electronics. Some features of the air conditioner include vitamin c filter, multi-point cooling system, active carbon filter, gold fin evaporator and catechin filter. Even the price on offer is quite economical.
  8. Haier: It is a Chinese consumer home appliance and electronics company which offers window and split air conditioners. It is a trusted brand offering features such as hidden display, anti bacteria filter, VC and turbo filter, golden glass.
  9. Whirlpool: It is an American brand by the name of Whirlpool Corporation and markets home appliances. It offers high quality air conditioners having features such as dual fan compressor technology, inverter technology, climate control technology and 3D cool technology. This company was established by Louis Upton and Frederick Stanley Upton in 1911.
  10. Blue Star: It is an Indian air conditioning company offering products in commercial refrigeration, central air conditioning, room air conditioners and cold storages. The company is known to offer the very best air conditioners of high quality having features such as efficient rotary compressor, i-feel technology, blow button, louvred fin condenser and dust filters. It has its headquarters in Mumbai.

Summary: Buying the best air conditioner having the best features is a must to enjoy it thoroughly during the peak summer, when the temperature in the Indian subcontinent is at the highest.

Top 10 Air Conditioner Brands in India