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Places to Visit in Darjeeling India

The beauty of Darjeeling attracts anyone and everyone. The nature, snow capped Mt Kanchenjunga ranges and tea garden is what makes Darjeeling a winner. The shinny peak of Mt Kanchenjunga is what attracting thousands of tourists each year. Places to Visit in Darjeeling Tour can be one of the Best Summer Destination for any mountain lovers.

Tourist can take a toy train ride to this hill station. Toy Train is Darjeeling oldest heritage and has been enlisted under UNESCO. The sensational scenic journey starts from Siliguri through the midst of the mountain. If you are visiting Darjeeling, do not miss the chance of this Joy ride.

Places to Visit in Darjeeling India:

Sightseeing in Darjeeling:

 The fun and relaxation is endless here. Darjeeling Tour includes some interesting places for you to visit.

The Himalayan Zoo –

This Zoological garden breeds several endangered species including red panda and snow leopard.

Tiger Hill: –

Tiger Hill is famous for sun rise and viewing mount Kanchenzonga. The town is 10 km from Darjeeling and can be reached by arranging car or by foot through the tea gardens. It can take 2 hrs to climb up the summit. To see the sun rise, one needs to reach the spot by 3.30 am. A little late and you will miss the entire thing.

There are several activities like trekking nature walks, biking for people who want adventure in their vacation. In the evening you can walk down to the Mall road and enjoy a hot cup of tea and Local Momo and thuppas dipped in hot sauce. Darjeeling Tea is very famous all over India and therefore don’t forget carry few packets for your friends and relatives as a gift.

Accommodations in Darjeeling:

Darjeeling has some beautiful resorts, hotels, and lodges for a quality stay. If you are on a budget tour, you do not need to worry as Darjeeling caters every kind of budget hotel. Most of the hotels provide basic amenities like 24 hour hot water service neat and spacious rooms. These hotels also offer   half day and full day tour. But before you visit make sure you book the hotels prior to your dates. They are always in Demand.

Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple Amritsar

Harmandir Sahib Golden Temple Amritsar