Kerala Tourist Places to Visit

How long has it been since you last went on a tour or vacation? Millions of people find life quite dull as they know not how to revitalize their mind, body and heart. Life is always full of excitement only if you know how to rejuvenate it. If you desire to fly away from the monotony of life; a visit to Kerala would certainly satiate all your dreams and desires. Information on Kerala Tourist Places to Visit is available at your easy reach to help you to plan your itinerary.

Enveloped with lush green nature and exotic mountains and rivers, and its confluence with natural and artificial rivers and lakes are really indescribable in words. The Kerala Tourist Places List is almost endlessly long. Kerala beaches, backwaters, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, Ayurvedic treatment, rich and varied culture, South-Indian delicacies, temples, festivals  and many more attractions make Kerala a wholesome place for tourists.

Is June Good Time Visit Kerala? Well, the weather of Kerala is broadly classified into three main seasons -  winter, summer and monsoon. The peak tourist season begins from October and goes up to the month of February and March. Visiting Kerala in the summer is not advisable as the weather here is hot and humid at this time. From June to September there are  heavy rains and strong winds. But if you love privacy, and getting wet in the raindrops feels romantic to you; monsoon would be probably the Best Time to Visit Kerala for Honeymoon.

With its network of 1500 kilometers long man-made and natural canals and 5 big lakes and 38 rivers; the Kerala backwaters irresistibly fascinate the tourists from across the globe. Hiring of houseboats continues throughout the year, but most of the people prefer the time between December and January. And most people consider it the Best Time to Visit Kerala Backwaters. Many of the tourists prefer to visit the backwaters during monsoon as the monsoon has some specific appeals to them, and at the same time it also proves to be the best season for Ayurvedic treatments.

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