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Barapani Airport Shillong

Given a chance you will like to visit Scotland, but if you are not able to, don’t despair, you can visit Scotland of the east in India i.e Meghalaya. Meghalaya is north east state of India and its name signifies “Abode of clouds”. It receives rainfall from April to September which lead to the creation of some impressive waterfalls, caves and sacred grooves. It is also famous for its impressive flora and fauna. Not Only this it offers adventure opportunities in the form of Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Hiking & Trekking water sports etc.

Meghalaya’s Capital is Shillong which is very nice, clean tourist destination with awesome scenic beauty. Travelers really get enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed here while exploring such a marvelous place.

Now after getting to know about Meghalaya you may be interested to visit there. You can your air tickets from your place to Barapani Airport at Shillong. Barapani Airport is also known as Shillong or Umroi airport. It is one of the closest domestic airports to reach Meghalaya. Barapani Airport is Just 32 Km away from the Shillong City and hardly takes 30 minutes by bus or Taxi to reach there.

For the last two decades Barapani Airport is serving Meghalaya .It spread over an area of 192 acres with only one domestic terminal with the capacity of 50 passengers. Recently It has been upgraded to 100 passengers along with modernize infrastructure

Government of Meghalaya proposed the budget Rs.75.65 crores for expansion and modernization of Barapani Airport in their 12th Five Year Plan after increase in number of tourist influx to Meghalya.

Barapani Airport Address, Phone number & E-mail address:

IATA code : – SHL
Airport ICAO Code : – VEBI
Longitude : – 91° 58’ 43” E
Latitude : – 25° 42’ 13”
Runway Length : – 6000 ft.
Runway Elevation : – 2950 ft
Barapani Airport Shillong Address
Airport Director, Airports Authority of India
Shillong Airport, Meghalaya -793103, Umroi
Phone Number : – 09436332580 (M), 91-364-2908740
Fax Number : – 91-364-2580110
E-Mail ID : – [email protected]
PGO E-Mail ID : – [email protected]



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