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Nokia Customer Care Toll Free Number

Nokia Mobile Customer Helpline Number: Enhancing the Popularity of Nokia. Established as a paper mill by Fredrik Idestam in the year 1865, Nokia Corporation started manufacturing the communication equipments from 1960s. Recently, Nokia Corporation completed the formalities of selling its mobile manufacturing arm to Microsoft. The deal was fixed at US $7.17 billion. However, the Nokia handset holders hardly care for who the owner of the company is. What matters to Nokia mobile customers, is the quality features of the Nokia mobile phones. There are millions of Nokia mobile phone customers across the globe, and the number of customers keeps increasing with every sliding moment. Over the years, Nokia mobile phones have been very much popular among the users, and from time to time, various versions of the phones have played vital role in maintaining the trust and interest of the customers in it. Along with the elegant Nokia mobile phones, the Nokia Lumia Customer Care Toll Free Number also renders the quality services to its clients.

With its headquarters in Epsoo, Uusimaa in Finland; Nokia Mobile has witnessed several vicissitudes over the years. Once it was the largest mobile phone vendor across the globe, and in course of time, it has brought about innovations and improvisations in its technology as per the exigency of the time. In the year 1994, the launch of Nokia 2100 was a great hit. More than 20 millions handsets were sold worldwide. Again, the launching of the game ‘Snake’ became very popular worldwide. Beginning successfully with such earliest handsets, the Nokia Corporation has commendably succeeded in making the latest and ultra modern smartphones. Nokia mobile phones have been all time popular, and the services of the Nokia Lumia, Asha, Nokia X Customer Helpline Number cannot be undermined in any way in maintaining and enhancing its popularity.

As per the record of 2013, Nokia’s overall revenue amounted to 12.70 billion Euros, and a total of 90,981 employees worked in various units. Though, the Nokia Mobile manufacturing has now been taken over by Microsoft; the popularity of Nokia mobile phones has never subsided. On the contrary, the latest Nokia smartphones like Lumia series of smartphones have been highly popular worldwide. Moreover, the services of the Nokia Customer Care Toll Free Number have also been improved to meet the new challenges.

Nokia (Lumia, Nokia X, Asha) Customer Toll Free Number

Nokia Helpline Toll Free Number – 1800-425-3388
Nokia Customer Care Number – 3030-3838 (Prefix City Code)
Nokia India Official Website : –

Regional Offic Nokia Customer Care Helplone Numbers

Nokia Delhi Helpline Number – 011- 3030 3838
Nokia Mumbai Customer Helpline Number – 022- 3030 3838
Nokia Kolkata Customer Service Number – 033- 3030 3838
Nokia Chennai Customer Care Number – 044- 3030 3838
Nokia Chandigarh Customer Support Number – 0172- 3030 3838
Nokia Jaipur Customer Care Contact Number – 0141- 3030 3838
Nokia Gurgaon Customer Care Number – 01272- 3030 3838
Nokia Noida Customer Care Contact Number – 0120- 3030 3838