PVR Cinemas Customer Care Number

PVR Cinemas Helpline Number: Working Continuously Without any Rest

Initiating as a joint venture between Priya Exhibitors Private Ltd and Village Roadshow Ltd, PVR Cinemas started commercially operating in 1997. Though the agreement between two enterprises was signed in the year 1995; its commercial operations started after two years.  Under the companies act of India, it received the certificate in the name of ‘Priya village Raodshow’ in the year 1995, and in June 2008, it changed its name from ‘Priya village Roadshow’ to PVR Cinemas. It was the time when the Village Road Show made an exit from the company. Earlier, the register office was in Connaught Place in New Delhi, and later on its registered office was shifted to Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Despite the exit of Village Roadshow, the PVR Cinemas continued its efforts of expanding the screens across the country. The business today is expanding with such rapidity that the PVR Cinemas Customer Care Number gets no time to even rest for a while.

Today, PVR Cinemas is considered to be the largest cinema-chain in the country. Beginning from the ‘PVR Anupam’, the first multiplex in Saket New Delhi; PVR Cinemas is incessantly increasing the number of screens across the country. Embracing various states like Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, etc; it has built its cinemas in almost all the major cities in India. And, to render excellent services to its clients, it has highly professionalized the services of the PVR Cinemas Customer Care Helpline Number.

At present, PVR Cinemas boasts of its 421 screens in 97 locations in 41 cities of India. It appears that it has covered almost all the parts of the country. In the year 2012, it opened the multiplex in Mumbai with 8 screens. Seeing its growth, it appears that it would reach its target of establishing 500 screens by 2015. And, to care for its ever growing number of clients, the PVR Cinemas Customer Care Number- Noida, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai etc would be surely improved as per the demand of the time.

PVR Cinemas Customer Care Number : – 0124 4708100
PVR Cinemas Customer Helpline Number : – 08800900009
PVR Cinemas Email Address for Feedback : – [email protected]
PVR Cinemas Official Website : –  http://www.pvrcinemas.com