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Birsa Munda International Airport Ranchi

Birsa Munda International Airport Contact Number: Birsa Munda International Airport serves Ranchi. It medium-sized sized airport which has a charm of its own. The IATA code of Birsa Munda International Airport is IXR and the ICAO code of Birsa Munda International Airport is VERC. The infrastructure of the terminal building is equipped with international equipments. The airport is located at an altitude of 2,140 feet above sea level and occupies a total land area of 546 acres. A new larger included terminal with facilities for customs and immigrations, duty free shops, travel desks, lounges, etc was inaugurated recently in Birsa Munda airport.

The dream of Birsa Munda airport getting an international tag will take some time as the runway length here does not fulfil the ministry’s standard. The airport has a runway length of 9,000 feet of which 8,000 feet is only useable. Around 1,000 feet of runway is not used due to some technical difficulties. The runway has to be expanded by at least 2,000 feet to get the international tag.

The Government of Ranchi is however taking steps to make Birsa Munda a world class international airport. This is done with a view to enhance tourism in the region. Birsa Munda airport is an ideal location for establishing an international airport. This move will also increase the employment potential in the region.

Birsa Munda International Airport Contact Details:

City Name Ranchi, Jharkhand
Distance from the City 05 Kms.
Address B.M.Airport, Ranchi (Jharkhand)
Contact Number 91-651-6450327, 91-651-2250435(R)
Email Address [email protected]
Alternative Address Eastern Region, NSCBI Airport -700 052
Telephone No. 91-33 25119616, 25119944


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