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Bilaspur Airport Address & Contact Details

Bilaspur Airport Contact Number: Bilaspur is a well known historical place, in Himachal Pradesh, India. It was founded by Rishi Ved Vyas. He was the first who classified Vedas into four parts. Bilaspur is a most beautiful place where you can enjoy your time perfectly. You will get a lot more things to know about Hindi religion and traditions.

The most famous place of Bilaspur is Govind Sagar Lake it’s water offer to conduct different water sports every year with the Directorate of mountaineering and Allied sports, Manali. Here you can enjoy of boating, water surfing, rowing and much more.

Bilaspur Airport Arrival:

If you are an international tourist then you need to visit at Simla Airport(86km), and then from Simla regular Taxi, buses are available for Bilaspur. These are no Bilaspur Airport.

Philosophical point:


Places to Stay:

You can stay here comfortably. “Lake View” hotel is best hotel that provides you all service. It is best hotel in bilaspur to make you trip luxurious. You can check the availibity of room in ‘Lake View’. So once visit here and introduce yourself with a variety of natural beauty in Bilaspur Himanchal Pradesh, India.

Bilaspur Airport Contact Number:

Bilaspur Airport
Bilaspur-174001, Chhattisgarh


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