Dhanbad Airport: is located in the city of Dhanbad belonging to the state of Jharkhand in India. It is a lively looking clean and facilitated airport. The ICAO code is VEDB and the IATA code is ICAO.

The infrastructure of Dhandbad Airport is appreciable and tends to provide enough comfort to the passengers. It is located at a latitude, longitude and altitude of 23.8339996, 86.4253006 and 258 meters respectively. The runaway 1 is 3728 ft, time zone Asia/Kolkata (GMT +05:0-30), while the WAC is 733. The airport is spread on 20-25 acres of land. Though it is not a very big airport, you can find almost everything you will need, here in this airport.

Dibrugarh Airport:

The airport is one of most important passenger airport in India, providing flight connective to different cities across the country. The airport is yet to expand. The government of Jharkhand is putting in great effort to bring up the airport so that moves shoulder to shoulder with the other well known charming airports in the state. The coal city leaders are planning a great idea for the airport. The airport is very new right now and yet is gaining popularity very quickly. The runaway, as well as the area needs to expand so that bigger planes can be accommodated.

Dibrugarh Airport Contact Information:

Latitude : 23.8339004517
Longitude : 86.4260025024
City : Dhanbad
Country : India
World Area Code : 733
Airport Type : Medium
Timezone : Asia/Kolkata
Current Timezone Offset : GMT +05:30 hours

Dibrugarh Airport Address:

Bhuli Hirak Rd, Satyam Nagar Dhanbad Airport (DBD),
JH 826004, झारखण्ड, India

Dibrugarh Airport Contact Number

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