Bengaluru International Airport Detail – India

The Bengaluru International Airport is the first airport in India which is constructed through a public private partnership.  The airport is built and operated along the highest international standards and is known for its quality and efficiency.

The work for Bengaluru International Airport began in July 2004 after the signing of a concession agreement between Government of India and Bangalore International Airport Limited.  The construction work of the Bengaluru International Airport took almost a decade.

It was very important to see to it that the legal framework, which included the concession agreement, CNS and ATM agreement and other documents were properly documented because at the time when Bengaluru International Airport construction work was going to begin privatization of airports was a much awaited and watched move.  The initiative that was taken to build Bengaluru International Airport cleared the perception about airports, the way in which they are built and run.

In the first year of it’s operation the traffic volumes at the Bengaluru International Airport reached it expected volume and this happened when the construction of the airport was in progress.  Thus this was an indication that the scope of the project was significantly increased and hence there was no need to change the initial airport opening date.  The first phase of the airport was thrown open for operations on May 24, 2008.  With the first phase of the airport been ready and working the only thing that can be said about Bengaluru International Airport is that the vision getting translated into a reality.

Contact Details of Bengaluru International Airport

Phone 080 – 66782425 / 4444 Fax 080 – 6678 3366
Latitude 13.1978998 Longitude 77.7062988
Time Zone Asia/Kolkata (GMT +5.5:00) WAC 733
Email [email protected] Runway 1 13123 ft
Toll Free Number: 1800 425 4425