Top 10 Deodorants For Men In India

Deodorants for men have become more of a necessity these days, than a luxury item. Men do perspire a lot and require to remain fresh all the time, be it while attending a party, any event or even for a casual meeting with someone or to even stroll around the park. As a matter of fact, men who stink due to sweat are often avoided by others and earn a bad reputation and image.

Fortunately, there are available various manufacturers who have understood the need for the best deodorants for Indian conditions.

The Top Perfume Brands for Men in India

  1. Nivea: It is a popular brand for body care and skin products, owned by Beiersdorf, a German company. This company was established by Carl P. Beiersdorf in 1882. Nivea deodorants are among the most popular among Indian youths, due to its innovative and long lasting fragrance and safeguard against sweat.
  2. Fogg: This brand is popular for its rejuvenating and long lasting fragrance, thereby making it a top choice among different deodorant brands. It is rand second in the list based on monthly searches and also the most sold.
  3. Nike: This brand is suited to Indian men and for every occasion. It offers long lasting fragrance and freshness, staying for a whole day. Nike deodorant’s active formula offers protection from odor and sweat.
  4. Garnier: It is a popular brand in the cosmetics industry and is well known for its deodorants due to its unique fragrance. The products are assured to be of high quality and reliable.
  5. Addidas: It is stated to be a popular global brand known for sports related products. At the same time, it is also well known for fresh and amazing fragrances. The deodorants are produced specially for those who love to play sports and tend to sweat a lot. The ozonic fragrance along with cooling sensation does make it a top choice.
  6. Yardley: It is regarded to be the oldest company for perfumes and soaps in the entire world and was set up in 1770. The wooden aroma and masculine fragrance is what provides protection and freshness for the whole day from body odor.
  7. Old Spice: It is a well known brand offering male grooming products, which includes shaving cream, deodorants and after shave lotions. The deodorants offered have long lasting effects and natural fragrances, thereby making it an excellent option.
  8. Axe: It is regarded to be a male grooming brand of product that was launched in 1999 in India by HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited). It is among the most popular brand that is used by the youths of the country.
  9. Reebok: It is a well known international brand which manufactures clothing, sports accessories and shoes. It is popular for producing deodorants having long lasting and unique fragrance.
  10. Park Avenue: It is a popular cosmetic brand which offers perfumes and deodorants for men. This brand belongs to Raymond and is highly famous in the country. It offers fresh and amazing fragrance, thereby providing the user with freshness right from morning to evening also in humid and hot climate.

Having knowledge of the top brands of deodorants in the country helps the youths of India to choose the right one, depending on their requirements, style, tastes and preference.

Selecting the right deodorants have become essential to beat the heat and to remain cool, since there are various options present in the market to choose from.

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