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ICICI Bank Toll Free Customer Care Number

ICICI Bank Customer Care Numer: ICICI bank is a financial company with its headquarter in Mumbai. It is the second largest bank of India by asset and also by market capitalization. It offers various banking products and other financial services to corporate sectors and retail customers through their own various deli vary channels and also specialized subsidiaries in the areas of non-life insurance, venture capital, asset management and also investment banking. ICICI bank has the huge network. It has about 3514 branches, 11063 ATM in 19 countries. There are a huge number of employees working in this bank throughout India.

The bank also introduced “My saving reward “since 2012 where points are offered to the domestic customer for transaction done through a savings account. These points are offered automatically on shopping online, internet banking or auto debit from the saving accounts. It is important to keep an average balance of 15000.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number:

You can call ICICI Bank Customer Care Number if you have queries or visit their website to know more about their smart investment schemes policies and interest rate. ICICI Bank is one of the biggest banks in India the others are State bank of India, Punjab national bank and the bank of Baroda.

ICICI Bank Customer Care Number India: 1800-103-8181
1800-22-8181 ( Accessible from MTNL/BSNL/Select mobile Operators Only)

The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) is among the leading banks of India with its branches in India and abroad. This Indian bank provides a variety of features in various financial segments such as providing extensive duration or medium term loan assistance, underwriting fresh issues of debentures and shares, supplying guarantee on credits raised by private concerns from other sources and providing administrative, managerial and technical aid to industrial concerns. It also provides an ICICI Bank Toll Free Number to stay continually connected with clients. Hence, it is a very client oriented bank.

The ICICI Bank Customer Care Number is open to clients 24 hours a day and throughout the week and there is always an expert ICICI bank employee at the other end of the phone line waiting for your call.  So, even if it is the middle of the night and you suddenly have an urge to know about a particular feature or plan of this fiscal body then you can easily dial up the bank’s helpline Number and get an instant answer to your query.

The ICICI Bank provides credits in both Indian Rupee and foreign currency. During the initial years of its establishment, the bank provided financial aid only to firms in the private sector. However, of late, this facility has been extended to the cooperative, joint and public sectors, while backward area enterprises and small-scale industries are also benefitting from it. Most importantly, the bank provides fiscal backup to traditionally risky categorized enterprises. Hence, it is a good idea to get connected with the bank and the best way to do it by calling up the ICICI Bank Helpline Number.

Customer Care Number Customer Care Number
Ahmedabad 6630 9890 / 33667777  Panaji  3366777
Assam 9954108000  Pune  9890478000 / 9021667777
Bhopal 3366777  Raipur  3366777
Bihar 9934008000 / 8102667777  Ranchi  9934008000 / 3366777
Chhattisgarh 9893208000  Siliguri  9933008000 / 8101667777
Coimbatore 4358000 / 7305667777  East  9936218000 / 8081667777
Darjeeling 9933008000 / 8101667777  Uttaranchal  9897308000
Delhi 41718000 / 33667777  Pradesh  98495 78000 / 7306667777
Ernakulam 3366777  Bangalore  41131877 / 33667777
 Gujarat  9898278000 / 8000667777  Bhubaneshwar  9938488000 / 3366777
 Guwahati  9954108000  Chandigarh  5055700 / 3366777
 Himachal Pradesh  9816608000 / 9817667777  Chennai  42088000 / 33667777
 Indore  4022005 / 9098667777  Cuttack  9938488000 / 9692667777
 Jamshedpur  9934008000  Dehradun  3366777
 Karnataka  9845578000 / 8088667777  Delhi (Mobile)  9818178000
 Kochi  9895478000 / 9020667777  Goa  9890478000 / 3366777
 Lucknow  9936218000 / 3366777  Gurgaon  3366777
 Maharashtra  9890478000 / 9021667777  Haryana  9896178000 / 9017667777
 Orissa  9938488000 / 9692667777  Hyderabad  23128000 / 33667777
Jaipur 3366777  Jharkand  9934008000
 Kerala  9895478000 / 9020667777  Kolkata  9831378000 / 33667777
 Madhya Pradesh  9893208000 / 9098667777  Mumbai  28307777 / 33667777
 North East  9862408000  Patna  9934008000 / 3366777
 Punjab  9815558000 / 7307667777  Rajasthan  9829222292 / 7877667777
Shimla 3366777 Tamil Nadu 9894478000 / 7305667777
UP West 9897308000 West Bengal 9933008000 / 8101667777


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