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Jabalpur Airport Madhya Pradesh IATA Code

Located in the natural environment of Jabalpur, Dumna Airport is a small airport which is located in east Jabalpur. The route to the airport goes through the picturesque greenery all around and the fifteen to twenty minutes drive elevates you for pleasing journey ahead. The IATA code of Dumna Airport is JLR and the ICAO code of […]

Dimapur Airport Nagaland

Dimapur Airport is considered as a pleasant and well maintained as per the reports which the government has provided. Land of beaches, Nagaland comprises of only one airport and the only airprt of all the North Indian states i.e. the Dimapur Airport so the maintenance of the airport is taken as compulsory element by the cleaners. The ICAO codification for […]

Dibrugarh Airport Assam IATA Code

Dibrugarh Airport which is also known as Mohanbari Airport serves Dibrugarh, Assam. It is a small airport which has a charm of its own. The IATA code of Dibrugarh airport is DIB and the ICAO code of Dibrugarh airport is VEMN. The infrastructure of Dibrugarh airport is very poor. The airport is located at an […]

Chikkalthana Airport Aurangabad

Chikkalthana Airport in Aurangabad is a small airport mainly catering to domestic travelers.  It is a public airport where an international terminal is also there. The new terminal was opened to the public in 2008. The airport now mainly connects travelers to the nearest international airports like Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Aurangabad is a tourist hub […]

Bhatinda Airport Punjab Code

Bathinda Airport is used for both civil and air force purposes simultaneously. It is located at the very famous Bhisiana Air Force Base of IAF. Its domestic terminal is situated very close to Virk Kalan village, which is just at a distance of 20 kms to the north of Bhatinda, Punjab. Bathinda airport is also […]

Hubli Airport Karnataka

India is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. It shows tremendous development in infrastructure, life style, per capita income and phenomenal rate growth in air travels. Hubli is a mass city in Karnataka. This wonderful city is the second largest metropolitan city in Karnataka. It is the fastest growing city. It is 12 kms […]

Dabok Airport Udaipur Code & Information

Udaipur Airport or Maharana Pratap Airport named after the great warrior Maharana Pratap, is situated 22 km east of Udaipur in a the town of Dabok. With a major tourist attraction in Udaipur nearby, the airport has gained significant importance in the last couple of years.  The IATA code of Dabok Airport is UDR while its ICAO code is VAUD. The […]

Bhavnagar Airport Code

The Bhavnagar Airport is a well known domestic airport lies South-East of Bhavnagar in the glorious state of Gujarat. The IATA code of the airport is BHU and the ICAO code is VABV. It is a small airport owned and managed by the Airports Authority of India has absolutely minimum facilities available for the passengers. […]

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Mumbai Code

Mumbai, India’s financial capital boasts of country’s one of the busiest airports i.e. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA). Before naming it after the great Maratha leader, Chhtrapati Shivaji, it was known as Sahar International airport. It is an important international airport in Mumbai and the second busiest airport in the country. Its IATA code is […]

Indira Gandhi International Airport Code (DEL)

New Delhi being the national capital of India hosts both international and domestic flights. For this purpose, IGI or Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi has been constructed with the most state of the art facilities. This airport is located at a place known as Palam. From the centre of New Delhi city, this […]