Balurghat Airport Contact Detail – Code, Location

Balurghat Airport is a situated 6 kms away from Balurghat, a city in West Bengal, India. Currently the airport is not in operation. The airport in area space of 78 acres of land above 78 feet above sea level, it has just one runway 9/27 which is a smooth surface. The government is soon to take steps to ensure operations from the airport. Ideally it will be connecting the city to important destinations, assuring convenience to the passengers.

Premium services and facilities are chalked to assist the customers. The airport is about to start its operation in full swing to offer smooth connectivity to various routes and tailors to provide high tech assistance to the commuters. It is a public airport.

Government is under talks and intends to meet various needs and requirements of the passenger when it comes to more number of flights to make their travel easy. However there are constant efforts made to augment the facilities at the airport.

It is soon to experiences operation. Staff and other important assistance once done will help the passengers to swiftly commute to different places of their choice and ideally take advantage of the facilities provided.