Are you the proud owner of a car? If yes, then you should know about the Cars Engines and their important features. An automobile car runs on an engine, which is considered as the heart of the vehicle.  Here, the term heart plays a key role as it is the most important part of your vehicle. The engine is a machine that enables you to transfer energy generated to mechanical motion.

The engine designs of a car may vary but certain basic components of the engine remain unaltered. You can find different types of cars engines that can be classified based on the type of fuel used, system of ignition, arrangement of cylinders and its numbers, number of strokes per cycle, combustion chamber unit, location of the camshaft, and finally the system of cooling.

Based on the fuel used, the engines are classified into diesel engines and petrol engines. However, alternate fuels like natural gas, propane, hydrogen, methanol, ethanol, and electricity are used. The primary aim of using these alternative types of fuels is to face the present day rising cost of petrol and diesel. The system of ignition in a car engine relates to the medium of fuel used to convert it into energy. Based on the type of ignition that takes place inside the car engine, it is classified into two types known as compression ignition and spark ignition.

Important Features Of Cars Engines – India

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