Distance from Mumbai to Shirdi: Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, is a glamorous city because of the presence of celebrities and superstars from the glamour world. Besides, most the famous personalities, cricketers, and industrialists reside in this busy city. The city is known to have historic significance, rich culture, and architectural sites. Many domestic and international tourists visit this place every year although the climate here is quite humid. When tourists visit Mumbai, they also try to visit Shirdi, a religious place.

Shirdi is a worship place of Sai Baba and is located in the city of Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Millions of people have faith in Sai Baba and hence, they come here to worship. Another famous religious place located near Shirdi is Shingnapur, the religious place to worship God Shani. It takes about an hour to reach Shingnapur from Shirdi. Taxis on sharing basis can be hired to reach this place. Even rickhaws and buses are available for travelling here.

If you are thinking to travel to Shirdi from Mumbai, the Distance from Mumbai to Shirdi is approximately 235 km. By road; it takes about 4 hours to reach Shirdi. The time might vary depending upon the road and traffic conditions. There are no direct flights between Shirdi and Mumbai. However, there are 2 direct trains from Mumbai to Shirdi; the first is Sr Sainagar Express and Shirdi Fast Passenger. If you travel by train, it will take 5 hr 30 min to reach Shirdi from Mumbai. Travelling by train is considered to be the most convenient and cheapest mode of travelling. The rail fares are also not too expensive.

Distance from Mumbai to Shirdi:

Next time when you are in Mumbai, do not forget to worship Lord Sai Baba at Shirdi. Sometimes, a trip of religious purpose can also turn out to be relieving and enjoyable.

Distance from Mumbai to Shirdi by Road in kms : – 254 kms (158.00 miles)
Mumbai to Shirdi Time by Road : – 5 Hrs

Distance from Mumbai to Shirdi