Distance from Delhi to Manali: For people living in Delhi, Shimla, Kulu Manali is the ideal place to spend weekends. Distance from Delhi to Manali is approximately 531 km. It takes around 12hours to reach Manali via Shimla. From Delhi one needs to travel to Shimla, which is 350 km and takes around 6 hours . There are many trains available from Delhi; one of them is KALKA SHATABADI. From Kalka you can take Himalayan Queen to reach Shimla. From Shimla you can hire car to reach Manali.

Places to see in Manali

  • Rotang Pass
  • Kothi
  • Solang Valley
  • Rahla Falls
  • Manali Sanctuary

The best time to visit this place is in the summer. If you want to enjoy snow, December will be the ideal time for you. It is a haven for bird lovers and wild life photographers. Some wild spots includes The Great Himalayan National Park, Manali sanctuary  and  Kanawar Sanctuary.

Distance from Delhi to Manali:

Distance from Delhi to Manali By Road: – Approximately 531 km

Distance from Delhi to Manali By Road: – 10 H, 5M

Distance from Delhi to Manali